Comic Inspired Theater

This was one of our favorite projects to design. We worked with the client to create a complete iPad Controlled Custom Theater that was suitable for his family and also showcased his love of Comic Figures. Complete with over 1,200 Star Lights and 100% Handcrafted Leather Seats with air conditioned cup holders. We installed a 185 inch Slate Screen Innovation Screen that features Light Reflection Technology. We used a  Sony 4K Flagship Projector and 7,000 Watt Paradigm Speakers for the incredible sound. 2 Dual Subwoofers provide outstanding sound quality and theater experience. Integra receivers and amplifiers are THX Ultra 2 Certified for reference sound.  RGB LED’s can be controlled with iPad and there are 24 colors to choose from. The Comic Figures are scaled to human proportions and show cased in the wall to complete this amazing Theater.